EMS FORCE TL-70 Threadlocker High Strength 50 ml
EMS FORCE TL-22 Threadlocker (Low Strength) 50 ml

EMS FORCE TL-43 Threadlocker (Medium Strength) 50 ml

General purpose, medium-high strength thixotropic anaerobic threadlocker.
Provide resistance to vibration
Removable with hand tools

Content: 50ml
Quantity: One Piece
Made in Turkey

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  • The product cures when confined in the absence of air between closefitting metal surfaces.
  • Formulated to lock all metric and imperial nuts and bolts, preventing vibration loosening and leakage through the threads.
  • TL-43 is typically used on mounting bolts, housing screws, etc. TL-43 prevents corrosion of assembled parts.

Usage and Instructions


  • Clean male and female threads before assembly with an absorbent tissue paper to remove any cutting oil.
  • Apply the adhesive with a 360 turn to leading first three threads of the male and female fittings.
  • Use an absorbent tissue paper to wipe off excess jointing compound in the direction of the thread.
  • Assembly parts and hold on for 24 hours at 22-24°C to ensure full curing of jointing compound.
  • For disassembly, use hand tools to remove mating parts.
When it is hard to dissemble at room temperature, apply local heat until reaching 250°C and disassemble while hot. Then, remove any residual cured adhesive mechanically and clean parts with a proper solvent, acetone.

Sealing Application Video

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet

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