Maruni Super Valkarn Chemical Cleaner Non-Flammable Tire Repair
Maruni Conveyor Patch Large

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Maruni conveyor patch repaired procedure :
1) Repair an injury before it gets bigger in a short time. Spray MLC (Maruni liquid Cleaner) to an injury area on the conveyor belt. Make sure to apply MLC bigger than patch size. and remove oil and stains with a waste cloth. It is more effective if MLC is also applied to a waste cloth in this process.
2) Spray MLC to the injury area again , which oil and stains are removed. Buff the area with a wire brush before MLC dries. It is more effective if this process is repeated one more time.
3) Spray MLC to buffing area one more time to finish this process, and remove any scrapes and residue. After MLC evaporates completely, more to next process.
4) Apply the MED (Maruni Earth Dine) to buffing area, and coat it evenly and thinly with brush. Wait for the area to dry completely. It takes about 3-8 minutes, which depends on the temperature in use.
5) Use a douser to block ultraviolet light light and wait for 3 to 8 minutes to dry.
6) Peel off a protection film at back-side of patch while it is to dry. Take care not to put any hand oil, dust and etc. on the adhesive layer of patch.
7) Apply a patch to buffing area by holding the edge of clear color film.
8) Pressure bond with a milling roller wide. Use a hammer if there is no milling roller wide. If a patch is applied over another patch, press part thoroughly with a milling roller. The procedure is completed after peeling off a film at front side.

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