Kendo 12mmx6m 10Pcs 100% PTFE Thread Sealant Tape
CRC 3-36 250 ml Food Grade Multipurpose Short-term corrosion inhibitor & Lubricant, Made in Belgium

CRC Food Grade Belt Grip Spray Adhesive , Content: 500 ml, Made in Belgium


Food Processing Safe adhesive belt lubricant.

Water resistant. Aids transmission efficiency and gives extra pulling power. Stops slipping and squeaking. Designed for use in food processing areas where incidental food contact may occur. Prevents slip on all kinds of belts, except toothed belts. CRC Belt Grip increases the transmission of power between belts and pulley. Gives an improved traction and allows running in at reduced belt tension.

Content: 500 ml
Made in Belgium
Quantity: One Piece

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Why CRC Belt Grip Food Grade Spray is important ?

Friction improver to ensure traction and transport drive belts run smoothly without stutter and slip.
A non-toxic friction improvement fluid with good plastic and rubber compatibility. Intended for use in
the food processing industry where incidental food contact may occur.

Features :

 Equipped with the exclusive Perma Lock System
o Integrated short and long distance applicator.
o Secured spray straw can not get lost.
o The locked actuator can not detach or get lost.
o Green color actuator, indicating H1 Food Processing Safe.
 Registered NSF class H1.
 Ensures your belt runs efficiently
 Increases driving power means lower energy consumption.
 Reduces squeaking noises from slipping belts.
 Forms a water resistant film.
 Complies with BRC Global Standard (Issue 7) – 4.7.6.

Applications :

 Can be applied on round-, flat- and V-belts.
 Forces the old belts on a multiple drive, to take their part of the power while the new belt
 Helps to a steady go of goods transported over belts on slopes.

Directions for CRC Belt grip:

 Avoid mixing with other lubricants
 Do not use on energized equipment
 Spray a light, even coating on the pulling sides of the belt.
 Re-apply occasionally to ensure continued high performance.
 Allow the solvents to evaporate for a couple of minutes before starting the operation.
 Remove over-spray with a suitable cleaner.
On our web site, a safety data sheet (SDS) is available for all CRC products. The SDS accords to EU
directive 91/155/EEC and it’s amendments.





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