Ressichem Zepoxy 100 Plus 180g
Zepoxy 100 Plus All Purpose Epoxy Adhesive 180g
Autosol Metal Polish 750ml Tin

Zepoxy 100 Plus All Purpose Epoxy Adhesive 900g

Zepoxy 100 Plus is an all-purpose epoxy adhesive useful for bonding of materials such as metal, wood, ceramic, concrete, textile, glass, leather, etc. Its moderate pot life and non-corrosive nature combined with its high level of curing and hardness development especially in low temperature, humid environments make this epoxy adhesive an extremely versatile adhesive for a variety of applications.

Quantity: One Pair
Content: Resin 500g + Hardener 400g
Made by Ressichem.

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Zepoxy 100 plus

Zepoxy 100 Plus is an all-purpose epoxy adhesive. Why mostly peoples use zepoxy 100 plus ? Because is is used for the bonding the materials like wood, ceramic, concrete, textile, glass, leather etc. Zepoxy 100 Plus comprises of epoxy resin and hardener because of which after mixing the results in a form like paste suitable for glue applications.

Technical Details

Component Part A: Base  (1 .0 Part)

Part B: Hardener  (0.8 Part)

Pot Life 20 to 50 Minutes
Tack Free 90 to 120 Minutes @ 230 C
Full Cure 07 Days @ 23 0C

Pack Size
Zepoxy 100 is available in the Following packaging

Full Set 1800g Part A: 1KG
Part B: 800G
Half Set 900g Part A: 500G
Part B: 400G
Mini Set 180g Part A: 100g
Part B: 80g

Shelf Life
12 months from date of manufacture when stored under warehouse conditions in original un-opened packing. Extreme temperature / humidity may reduce shelf life.
Zepoxy 100 Plus is regarded as non-hazardous for transportation. Do not reuse bags or containers and dispose them off as per local rules and regulations. Gloves and suitable masks can be worn during application. please refer to the data sheet of the product for further health and safety information.

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