CRC Silicon FPS (NFS H1),Content: 400ml, Made in Belgium
CRC Chain Lube FPS (NSF H1) Content: 400 ml, Made in Belgium

CRC Food Grade Industrial Degreaser 500ml Made in Belgium


Solvent cleaner for heavy contaminants on mechanical parts.

Powerful, fast evaporating cleaner with a flashpoint of 25°C. Removes greases, oil, lubricants, non-cured adhesives and dirt from equipment, machines, and metal parts. When applying to large surfaces or in dip baths, ensure explosion prevention. Test on plastics before use.

Content : 500 ml
Made in Belgium
Quantity: one piece

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Why CRC Food Grade Industrial Degreaser is Important ?

Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for mechanical equipment. Degreases and removes oil, grease, wax, dirt
and other contaminants which cause failures. Fast drying for rapid turnaround and to minimise equipment
downtime. Leaves no residue.

Features :

• Attacks encrusted residues.Quickly penetrates and cuts through dirt.
• Does not leave a residue.
• Non corrosive.
• Fast evaporation to minimize downtime.
• Safe on all metal surfaces, does not stain.
• Safe on most rubbers, plastics and coatings. Test on sensitive or stressed materials before use.
• Convenient 360° (including inverted position) spray valve for aerosols.
• High purity CO2 propellant, giving an active product content of 95%.

Applications :

• Cleaning mechanical parts.
• Pneumatic tools.
• Compressors.
• Handling equipment.
• Open drive mechanisms.
• Wire ropes.
• Chains.
• Bearings.

Directions :

• Spray liberally and allow to run off.
• Use extension tube for more precise application.
• Use only with adequate ventilation.
• Test before use on sensitive materials.
• Do not use on sensitive electronic equipment.
• Do not use on energized equipment.
• Allow to dry completely before reactivation.
• Allow to dry at room temperature.
• Repeat if necessary.
• Protect and re-lubricate if necessary.
A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is available
for all CRC products.





CRC_Industrial_Degreaser_Aerosol-EN_BDS MSDS
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