CRC Zinc 400 ml Cathodic protection, even for damaged galvanised parts.
CRC Food Grade 500 ml Inox Kleen Water based Foaming Made in Belgium

CRC LECTRA CLEAN II Solvent Cleaner With High Flash point For Heavy Contaminants on Mechanical Parts.


Solvent cleaner with high flashpoint for heavy contaminants on mechanical parts.

Heavy-duty cleaner with a high flash-point of over 60°C for improved application safety. The extended drying time allows the product to act during a longer period and to dissolve heavy contaminations. Suitable for use in dip baths and ultrasonic dip tanks.

Content: 500 ml
Made in Belgium
Quantity: one piece

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Why the CRC LECTRA CLEAN II 500 ml Solvent Cleaner is Important ?

Heavy-duty cleaner for de-greasing and de-carbonizing electro-mechanical metal parts and equipments.

Features :

• Controlled evaporation for enhanced cleaning action.
• High flash point for application safety.
• Low odor.
• Non conductive.
• Non corrosive.
• Does not leave a residue.
• Convenient 360° (including inverted position) spray valve for aerosols.
• High purity CO2 propellant, giving an active product content of 95%, the CRC Lectra Clean.

Applications :

• Electro-mechanical assemblies.
• Electrical aggregates.
• Pumps.
• Cleaning mechanical parts.
• Wire ropes.
• Handling equipment.

Directions for CRC Lectra Clean

• Spray liberally and allow to run off.
• Use extension tube for more precise application.
• When applied by dipping, agitation accelerates the action.
• Slight heating (up to 40°C) enhances cleaning action in dipping baths. May also be applied by wiping with a clean
rag or by brushing. To clean equipment interior, covers, plates, etc. should be removed prior to product application.
• Do not use on energized equipment.
• Do not use on sensitive electronic equipment.
• Test before use on sensitive materials.
• Allow to dry completely before reactivation.
• Protect and re-lubricate if necessary.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is available
for all CRC products.





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